B eekeeper and JPM founder Juan Pablo Molina has honey running through his veins. Traveling in the island of Chiloé in 1987, he was intrigued by the sight of bees collecting pollen and taking it back to their hives. While he gained a new appreciation for the apiarist’s skill, he also understood that a great deal was in the hands of nature.

JPM Exportaciones now ships over 2,500 tons of honey a year to a range of markets abroad, with sophisticated processing and lab facilities helping ensure that all products meet stringent European and North American requirements.

Key to the success of JPM Exportaciones is a thorough understanding of every stage in the honey business –from determining the best forest and field hive emplacement to harvesting, transportation, homogenization, and every stage in between.

As a matter of principle, JPM Exportaciones helps apiarists move from commodity honeys to speciality honeys. JPM works with over 800 apiarists, providing advice and training on a wide range of production, product health, and beekeeping issues.

Another key to JPM’s success is our ability to grasp and respond to market needs. In the food industry, consumers dictate product development; their choices determine how players in the marketing chain work together. Consumer decisions shape how apiarists produce their honey and how their products are processed and brought to market.

Most of all, the essence of JPM’s success is our love of the trade and positive attitude in addressing challenges. Our founder has passed his passion for the trade on to his children, which helped JPM Exportaciones stand up to such severe hardships as the collapse of our processing plant in the mega-earthquake of 2010. JPM Exportaciones is a family business where honey flows through our veins.